The I Embrace You Wings

What are I Embrace You Wings?

I Embrace You is designed to be applicable to any and every community. I Embrace You Wings promote the I Embrace You message of peace, happiness and respect. The Wings are the form that I Embrace You takes in different localities. By establishing Wings, I Embrace You is allowed to cater for the needs of each community making the action specific and effective.

Where Wings should be Established

I Embrace You Wings can be established anywhere and everywhere. Any community can always have more happiness, kindness and respect and I Embrace You Wings provide that. Educational institutions, corporations and even other non-profits can have I Embrace You Wings set up. These Wings will help enhance the environment and make it feel warmer to all individuals within it.

Where should Headquarters be located?

Being very flexible in size and structure, a Wing’s headquarters can be located anywhere, ranging from an individual's bedroom, to the Mayor's office. All that is required of a Wing is contact with the Executive Committee, and as long as that is established, it does not matter in what space the Wings functions but rather what is produced.

Example - Boston University (BU)

Boston University's I Embrace You Wing was established as a student organization in 2006. Since then, it has progressively enhaced the student experience at BU through daily activities within the four branches and with special events that constantly unite the community. These activities have awarded I Embrace You the New Student Organzation of the Year Award, the Terrier Choice for Community Service Award and the Program of the Year Award. In addition, our leaders have received a number of leadership awards along the years, including: