What is I Embrace You?

I Embrace You is a student run, not-for-profit, grassroots peace-building organization. Our mission is:

"To create lasting peace through happiness, understanding and respect."

Our initiatives promote kindness and respect in a community, making the environment feel warmer and more welcoming. Our activities transform respect into an ethos in local communities. This is done through a variety of different activities organized by every I Embrace You Wing. I Embrace You operates with activities carried out on a weekly basis as well as with few special programs organized throughout the year. In addition, we produce merchandise to be sold and/or gifted by the Wings to allow communities to express the I Embrace Youideals of common ground.

Weekly Activities - The Four Branches

We provide service to the community through weekly activities organized into four different I Embrace You Branches:

Special Programs

Alongside with the messages of kindness and respect expressed weekly, we also organize overarching I Embrace You Special Programs . These programs educate the community on the greater message of I Embrace You: peace-building through happiness, respect and understanding. Special programs include conferences, lectures, informational pamphlets and any outlet that can be used to provide this education.


I Embrace You also produces several different articles that allow the community to wear and decorate their lives with the message of respect and peace. An example of an I Embrace You product is the Peace Dove Shirt. The purpose of the Peace Dove Shirt is to give people the opportunity to wear a message of cross-cultural and unifying peace. The design on the shirt is that of the word "Peace" in 108 languages in the shape of a dove.

Products such as the Peace Dove Shirt not only spread the I Embrace You message, but also allows I Embrace You to fundraise. I Embrace You articles are not limited to clothing and can include any merchandise that spreads respect in a community.