Be United


Be United is the I Embrace You branch aimed at unifying the local society. Be United is set up to make individuals feel connected to the rest of the community and to bridge multicultural connections.


The objective of Be United is to make communities feel more interconnected and to dissolve barriers of segregation, allowing more individuals in the community to find common ground.

Target Audience

Be United is targeted at all individuals in the local society to make everyone feel recognized and respected.

Program Description

Be United operates differently from other I Embrace You branches in that the programs are less frequent and of a larger scale. Programs can range from multi-cultural dinners to welcome marches.

An example of a Be United operation is in Boston University where BUNITED was set up. BUNITED organizes a number of different programs that aim at creating cross-cultural connections in the Boston University campus. An example of a BUNITED program was Warren Towers UNITED, where over 1000 posters with the Hug Don't Hate logo were distributed to the residents of Warren Towers (second largest non-military dormitory in the nation). These posters were put up on the windows of the dormitory and transformed Warren Towers into a multi-cultural Beacon of Peace: a model of respect and unity.