Urban Smiles


Urban Smiles is a planned action community outreach branch of I Embrace You that exists to extend acts of service to the community by volunteer appropriation.


The objective of Urban Smiles is to reach out to any person in the community in need of extra care and assistance. Urban Smiles facilitates any kind of service that brings smiles and helps the disadvantaged.

Target Audience

Urban Smiles works to aid and inspire organizations focused on helping disadvantaged individuals.

Program Description

Urban Smiles is going to volunteer at organizations around the local area by providing any type of service that is needed at any organization helping people in need.

Urban Smiles will organize trips to a destination and participate in service during a specified length of time, based on the need of the specific organization. Urban Smiles will be open to anyone in the community willing to participate.

An example of an Urban Smiles operation is in Boston University where Urban Smiles meetings are held on a weekly basis. The branch then organizes weekend volunteering trips every three weeks to different locations in the Boston area.


Depending on the location of the I Embrace You wing, Urban Smiles could be renamed to Suburban Smiles or Rural Smiles