Connective Kindness


Connective Kindness (CK) is a direct action initiative under I Embrace You that provides kindness randomly and constantly to the community.


The objective of CK is to make any person in a community feel more welcome and connected through unexpected positive encounters. These positive encounters are stimulated by acts of kindness that are random, yet offered on a constant basis to the community. The activities in CK carry out S.I.C.K. ideas:

Target Audience

CK targets any and every individual in the local society.

Program Description

CK holds meetings every week. The meeting is held as a moderated conversation where the group discusses different possibilities of acts of kindness that could be performed on the designated CK day. The group then votes on the preferred action.

Every week, there is a CK day. On CK day, the members of I Embrace You enact the act of kindness decided by the group during the CK meeting.

An example of a CK operation is in Boston University where CK meetings are held Monday nights and every Thursday is CK Day.

An example of a CK event was when CK offered flowers to public transportation vehicle drivers.